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Community Engagement
I relocated to the Fraser Valley in 2010, and two things surprised me . . .
more about that in the blog.

Web Designer
Working as a designer on the web is a kind of eclectic art. The technical challenges of designing within HTML and CSS make it interesting, and I love it. I hand-code static sites and I also implement content management systems through theming and extensions as well as getting under the hood. I have particular enthusiasm for WordPress, with which I have growing experience.
Web standards (Earth calling Microsoft ), webpage performance metrics, user-experience best practices (e.g. responsive design ) are all issues for which I have respect and interest. Discovering how to make data ever more fact-grounded (substantiated ), informative (thorough and accurate ), intuitive (right place / right time ) and engaging (attention-getting ) all at the same time – continues to be a pet project of mine.

Website Design is my art.
At times I lament that I’m not crazy good at one particular thing.
(unlike that somewhat more famous Wayne . . . )

Instead I’m really quite good at analyzing and planning, coding, visual design, writing, organizing, and managing. Bringing the pieces together is my art form. When that happens, communication at a highly effective level occurs.

And perhaps my best strength : I’m an enabler (in the classic sense). I like to help the helpers. It’s about seeing the value in people, and the potential in situations both here and lying ahead.

Fighting Fires
It’s easy to see the problems. We tend to buy into situations when we feel OUTRAGE and INDIGNATION with something clearly unjust. bg-crowd-a In general it’s easier to be inspired to STOP something than to START something. I completely relate to those chemical reactions. And sometimes fighting fires is necessary.  But . . .

Creating Change
One of the more interesting things I’ve taken away from my time spent in the camps of “conspiracy” thought, is that the way to achieve a big-picture agenda is to anticipate and plan for every possible outcome, and counteract any opposition before it even starts. I bristle at injustices I find, certainly – they seem to be found at every turn, and this concerns me. But if there WAS an orchestrated agenda behind the widening income gap between the world’s wealthiest and the rest of us, behind the march towards reduction of government regulation and increase in corporate control of resources and capital . . . if there WAS planning that anticipated all eventualities, the one thing that cannot be anticipated and counteracted is vision and imagination.

In any event, the most effective method for dealing with any “problem” is to take the focus away from what we DON’T WANT and instead focus on what we DO. If a sudden flood threatened the shore you lived on and you focused solely on “not drowning”, you might exhaust yourself and flounder trying to hold your breath or figuring out how to float – when instead you could fix your sights on higher ground. “I don’t want to drown” turns into “I want to survive and thrive”. This approach tends to turn a problem into an opportunity.

It starts with imagination. If we can visualize it, we can create it. This is a talent we possess in childhood and have largely extinguished by the time of “adulthood”. The school systems we’ve accepted – geared to producing good workers in burgeoning industrial societies – contribute hugely to that pattern, but I won’t get started on that here…
sir ken robinson: changing education paradigms Okay maybe just a little about that.

Sir Ken Robinson
on Education and Creativity:
Changing Education Paradigms
website and blog: SKR

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